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Free State Archer’s JOAD;
Junior Olympic Archery Program sponsored by USAArchery.

Mission- we promote archery fun and archery competitions.

Our program runs throughout the year.
*Our Outdoor Schedule runs from  April, (Spring Break) through Thanksgiving,  3:30-5:30, Tuesdays & Thusdays.  Athletic field

*Our Indoor Schedule  runs from late November through Spring Break, 4:30-6:30,  Friday. Ridgely’s Gym.

*Registration is $50.00 / year.

*USAArchery membership is required. $37.00

*Equipment cost is approximately   $85.

*Bows are provided.

*Certified Coaches’ are:
Ted Light,tedlight8@gmail.com
Walter Greenhouse & Joe Gaffney

To Register, contact Ted Light, 410-458-2546, tedlight8@gmail.com

Equipment will be  provided by the instructor. If participant interested in purchasing own equipment, recommendations are available.Contact Ted Light,410-458-2546.


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