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LTRC Youth Volleyball
(updated 3.8.2018)

Year-round programs for Elementary thru High School.
All levels welcome!

* Develop basic volleyball skills - Bump/ Set/ Spike/ Serve/ Dink
* Conditioning/Exercise
* Team Building & Communication


Winter: Jan - March
Spring: April - May
Summer: June - July
Fall: Sept - Nov

Be a part of the fastest growing youth sport for girls in the Baltimore area!

Top Ten Things We Love about Volleyball:

  1. Team Sport – Make awesome friends and learn to work together!
  2. Non-Contact – A NET is between you and the opponent = fewer injuries & fights!
  3. No long distance running – Fine for some, torture for others!
  4. Lifetime sport – Family reunions, beach, parks, gyms, backyard!
  5. Exciting! – Fast paced, lots of points!
  6. A no “ball-hogs” sport – Equal opportunity! Players may only touch the ball 1 time in a row!
  7. Easy to practice independently – Just need a ball…a wall….and/or a friend!
  8. Builds communication – “I GOT IT!” "MINE!” “HELP!”
  9. Valuable life-lessons – Perseverance, Selflessness, Staying positive, Overcoming failures, Sportsmanship
  10. Slapping hands – Arguably the highest frequency of high-fives & hand-slapping in any sport amongst team-mates! What’s not to love about that!?



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