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Registration for Fall/Winter

Adult Programs
Basketball, Pickleball, Soccer, Men's & Co-ed Softball, Tennis, Yoga, etc.

Registration for Fall/Winter

Youth Programs
Co-op Tots, Basketball, Martial Arts, Soccer & Volleyball, etc.

Registration for Fall/Winter

Ridgely Middle School
Offering Here Basketball, Field Hockey, Soccer, Snow Club, and Volleyball, etc.

Registration for Summer

Summer Camps 2023
Will be here soon!

JOHN A. OLSZEWSKI, County Executive: ROSLYN JOHNSON, Director, Department of Recreation and Parks:

In light of decreased COVID positivity rates, and in consultation with the County Health Officer while using recommendations from the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) (www.nrpa.org/our-work/Three-Pillars/health-wellness/coronavirus-disease- 2019/slowing-the- spread-of-covid-19) and the Centers for Disease Control (www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019- ncov/community/schools-childcare/youth-sports), modifications to recreational opportunities/facilities are required. The Department will follow all State and Local Executive Orders related to recreational activities.

Effective March 1st for Indoor and Outdoor Operations

Guidelines are applicable to adult and youth activities

  • Indoor capacity is at 100%.
  • Outdoor capacity is at 100%.
  • Requests for permits will continue to be submitted to local Recreation Offices, perregular guideline.
  • Permits will be issued to user groups consistent with Departmental approval policies and seasons of play.
  • Indoor Nature classes and programs can operate.
  • Masks are NO LONGER REQUIRED for participants, spectators, volunteers, officialsor visitors.
  • Masks are NO LONGER REQUIRED for staff.
  • Masks are SUGGESTED for all staff, visitors, spectators, volunteers, officials orparticipants who have underlying health conditions.
  • Food consumption and sale is authorized.
  • Pavilion reservations are authorized.
  • Games and scrimmages are permitted.
  • Tournaments are permitted.
  • Licensed Day Care will continue to operate.
  • Indoor tennis courts will continue to operate.
  • No use of central hydration areas or sharing of water bottles by participants.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in removal from Park property.


All weather related delays and cancelations will be posted here.

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The following school facilities and parks are under the jurisdiction of LTRC.

SCHOOLS: Ridgely Middle School, Lutherville Laboratory, Timonium, Pinewood, and Hampton Elementary School

PARKS: Seminary Park, Orchard Hills, Valley Fields North, Valley Fields South, West Lutherville Park.

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