Hours: 10AM-3PM, Monday through Friday

Registration for Fall/Winter

Adult Programs
Pickleball, Soccer, Men's & Co-ed Softball, Tennis, Yoga, etc.

Registration for Fall/Winter

Youth Programs
Co-op Tots, Basketball, Martial Arts, Soccer & Volleyball, etc.

Registration for Fall/Winter

Ridgely Middle School
Offering Here Basketball, Field Hockey, Soccer, Snow Club, and Volleyball, etc.

Registration for Summer

Summer Camps 2023
Will be here soon!


All weather related delays and cancelations will be posted here.

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The following school facilities and parks are under the jurisdiction of LTRC.

SCHOOLS: Ridgely Middle School, Lutherville Laboratory, Timonium, Pinewood, and Hampton Elementary School

PARKS: Seminary Park, Orchard Hills, Valley Fields North, Valley Fields South, West Lutherville Park.

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