Hours: 10AM-3PM, Monday through Friday

Pickleball Season 2023-24 Programs

Format / League

Adult Leagues, Mixers, and Drop-In Pickleball Programs

The LTRC Pickleball Club has reopened on a very limited basis. We are struggling with an overabundance of players and a lack of adequate courts. Scheduled play times have been rearranged as best as we can to try to satisfy as many as possible.

We are accepting members into only 2 of our groups:

Wednesday night social open and Saturday night social open. 

Both groups are for intermediate-level players, no beginners or advanced players, please. Each group is accepting only 10 players. Once in these 2 groups, you cannot move into other groups as they are all filled beyond capacity. Our registration will reopen in August 2024. 

Click on the register tab below to get started at StoneAlley.

The social media links are:


Pickleball, Chair: Ross Germano, 410-925-0436,  2020home52@gmail.com