Hours: 10AM-3PM, Monday through Friday

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(Updated 08.15.2021)

LTRC OFFICE: 410-887-7684
Hours: 10AM-3PM, Monday through Friday

Archery, Chair: TBA

Ballet, Chair: AnnaMarie Scharbeck, 410-252-8797

Baseball – Men’s Over 30, Chair: Bryan Couts, 410-608-0365, bgcouts373@gmail.com

Baseball – Youth, Chair: Chris Conway, president@ltrcbaseball.org

Basketball – Men’s, Chair: Mark Brandau, 410-560-1919,  brandau1@msn.com

Basketball – Youth, Chair: Eric Kihn, 410-252-8535, egkihn@gmail.com

BASS (Baltimore Area Soaring Society)- Chair: Bob Turner, rturner56@verizon.net

Camp Brush-Up Math & Reading, Chair:Carolyn Bereska, 410-925-4276, carolynbereska@yahoo.com

Camp Brush-Up Math & Reading, Instructor: Kathy Routh, 410-925-4276,kathyrouth3@gmail.com


Camp GoCrazy Sports, Chair: Dennis Scarfile, 410-925-7921, scarfile@comcast.net

Camp GoCrazy Sports, Instructor: Ryan Scarfile, 240-394-0172, gocrazysportscamp@gmail.com

Camps Norris Sports, Chair: Rod Norris, 843-227-4248, coachnisfun@verizon.net

Camp Smart Math & Reading, Chair: Judy Henderson, 410-529-5947, jhenderson@bcps.org

Camp Soccer, Chair: Gail Herman, 410-560-1002, pjfoods@kbofbaltimore.com

Camp Soccer, Coach: Ali Andrzejewski, coachali.championssoccer@gmail.com

Camp Softball, Chair: Denise Comaromi,  443-310-2964, comaromi@verizon.net

Camp Sports Fitness, Chair: Amy Feltman, 410-887-7800, afeltman@bcps.org

Camp Sports Fitness – Instructor: John Bruns, 410-887-7800, jbruns@bcps.org


Camp Technology – Chair: Kathy O’Melia, 443-847-6642, komelia@bcps.org

Camp Technology, Instructor: Greg Kallur, gkallur@bcps.org

Cheerleading, Chair: Catie Farley, 443-415-1803, LTRCKnightsCheer@outlook.com

Chesapeake Concert Band, Chair: Ron Esenwine, 410-252-3941, esenwine2012@comcast.net

Cooperative Tots Pre-school, Chair: Katie Gibbs, 443-465-0104, ltrccoop@yahoo.com

Cooperative Tots Pre-school, Director: ltrccoop@yahoo.com

Early Bird Gym at Lutherville, Chair: Amy Feltman, 410-887-7800, afeltman@bcps.org

Early Bird Gym at Pinewood, Chair: Caroline Broomell, 410-236-2876, caroline0315@gmail.com

Fencing – Youth, Chair: Dana Gordon, 410-532-7445, rgfencing@aol.com

Field Hockey – Ridgely, Chair: Carin Esslinger, 410-560-0065, carince@verizon.net

Football – Youth, Chair: Phil McCluskey, 410-627-7358, ltrcknights@gmail.com

Lacrosse – Adult, Chair: Pat O’Connor, 410-375-9132, poconnor@bppacking.com

Lacrosse – Men’s Masters, Chair:  John Ciliberto, 410-258-7535, johnrciliberto@gmail.com

Lacrosse – Ridgely, Girls Chair: Carin Esslinger, 410-598-1824, rmsgirlslacrosse@gmail.com

Lacrosse – Ridgely, Boys Chair: Jacqueline Heil, 410-916-2116, rmsboyslax@gmail.com

Lacrosse – Women’s, Chair: Rachel Jones, 410-493-8945, ray_ray622@yahoo.com

Lacrosse – Youth, Chair: Josh Kakel, 410-913-5368, josh.luthervillelax@gmail.com

Lutherville Lappers, Chair: Amy Feltman, 410-887-7800, afeltman@bcps.org

Martial Arts, Chair: David Huya, 410-661-7368, neinhe@comcast.net

Ridgely Activity Center (RAC), Co-Chair: Dee Short, 443-691-2697, shortduff@gmail.com

Ridgely Activity Center (RAC), Co-Chair: Criste May, 410-608-1788, cristeseeley@gmail.com

Rugby – Youth, Chair: Robert Books, rbooks@vectorworks.net

Snow Club, Chair: James Ruley, jruley@osisinc.com

Soccer – Adult, Chair: Don Walsh, 410-440-6052, dwalsh@wcslaw.com

Soccer – Adult, Co-Chair: Carrie Smith, 410-592-9630, csmith3@bcps.org

Soccer – Ridgely, Boys, Co-Chair: Ali Burke, aliburke1606@gmail.com

Soccer – Ridgely, Girls, Co-Chair: Monica Koors, 410-905-9428, ridgelygirlssoccer@gmail.com

Soccer/Over 40 Drop-In, Chair: Greg French, 410-253-6692, gfrench@fsscpamd.com

Soccer – Youth, Chair: Jim Forrester, forrester21093@gmail.com

Soccer – Youth, Admin: Kiera Branon, kierabranon@yahoo.com

Softball – Challenger, Chair: Mary Mojzisek, 410-256-4968, marymojzisek@gmail.com

Softball – Girls, Chair: Mike Madsen, 410-252-1339, president@ltrcgirlssoftball.org

Softball – Girls Travel, Chair: Mike Leatherwood, 443-527-0828, mleatherwood1@gmail.com

Softball – Men’s/Coed, Slow Pitch – Chair:Tom Harrington, 443-847-1072, tjharrington51@netscape.net

Softball – Ridgely Girls, Chair: Vacant
Softball – Ridgely Girls, Coach: Raine Valentine, rvalentine2@bcps.org

Taekwon-Do, Chair: Emmett Hallameyer, 443-791-4740, hallameyer5@gmail.com

Tap and Jazz:  Contact the LTRC office


Tennis – Ladies League, Chair: Danetta Garfink, ltrctennis16@gmail.com

Volleyball – Girls, Chair: Monica Bream, mbream4@verizon.net

Volleyball – Girls, Coach: Jen Ruggles, 443-824-4481, ltrcvolleyball@gmail.com

Wrestling – Chair: Mike Schafer, 610-509-6915, psu964@gmail.com

Yoga, Instructor:
 Dave Schaller, yogadave@comcast.net

Website Updates: Kathy Klein, 410-913-2152, kathy.klein@comcast.net