Hours: 10AM-3PM, Monday through Friday


Format / Outdoor/Indoor

Free State Archer’s JOAD;
Junior Olympic Archery Program sponsored by USAArchery.

* Do not apply for the wait list.

* For an alternative program, contact Bob Woods, (whitetailbob@verison.net).

or Jim Bauman (vnb.archery@gmail.com). Vingt-Neuf Bowmen, PerryHall 21236.

Mission– we promote archery fun and archery competitions. Minimum age: 10 years
Our program runs throughout the year.

*Our Outdoor Schedule runs from  April/Spring Break through Halloween,  6:30-8:00 pm, Thursday

*Our Indoor Schedule  runs from late Halloween/November through Spring Break, 6:30-8:00 pm,  Thurday

*Registration is $65.00 / year.

*USAArchery membership is required. $37.00

*Students need their own equipment. A few bows are available to start, but a bow will eventually need to be purchased. We will help with this. Equipment cost is approximately $85 to start.

*Certified Coaches’ are: TBA
Betty Zee and Ted Light

To Register, contact TBA

The LTRC is in need of archery coaches. If you are interested, please contact the office
@ 410-887-7684, or Ted Light @ 410-458-2546.