Hours: 10AM-3PM, Monday through Friday

Zoom Yoga 2021

Format / Class


Due to COVID LTRC YOGA is now being offered through Zoom .

If you have previously felt intimidated by yoga or thought you were not flexible enough to do yoga, these classes are for you. Improve flexibility, strength and learn to relax with yoga.

Classes held in your own home and you may keep your video on or off but as the teacher it is nice to be able to see where people are in the poses in class.

Adult RELAX Class – Monday and Tuesday night from 7:30 until 8:45.


Please fill out registration form and send it to YogaDave@Comcast.net

Click here to download a Registration Form

Current Zoom Classes are being offered at not cost but are limited to 12 students.
For more info email yogadave@comcast.net
Adult RELAX Class: Relax on Monday or Tuesday evenings during the Hatha yoga program for adults. With practice participants will experience improvements in flexibility, strength and balance. Breathing techniques will also help release stress, tension and anxiety.
Zoom Yoga Session – The evening Zoom yoga classes will run from now until we can all safely go back to Ridgely Middle School to practice.

For more info email yogadave@comcast.net