Hours: 10AM-3PM, Monday through Friday


Format / Team

Year-round volleyball programs. All levels and ages 8-18 welcome.  Mostly girls, but boys are welcome! 

LTRC Volleyball is a wonderful introduction to the game of volleyball.  Kids will make friends, develop confidence, get some exercise and learn the basics of the game.  Level of play ranges, but generally beginners – intermediate.  Volleyball is one of the fastest growing youth sports in the area!  Join the fun.

Registration Page (Stone Alley): Click here

Winter:   Dec- March
Spring:    April – May
Summer: Tournaments (Perhaps a Beach Camp!)

Fall:         September – November


Spring (registration opens in March, sessions begin in late March/early April)

  • Spring clinics. 1 hour classes /about 10 weeks.  All levels are welcome.  
  • Locations Vary:  Monday night @ Bykota Center in Towson, or other times offered outdoor at Ridgely Middle School (grass/near tennis courts)
  • Ridgely Middle students:  After School clinic:  various days after school on the grass near tennis courts.  Usually Wednesdays.


  • Summer programs vary from year to year.  Check the link above for registration in May, usually.

Fall (registration opens in August, session begins September):

  • Sunday Fall Clinics. 1 hour classes about 10 weeks, usually outdoor at Ridgely Middle School (grass/near tennis courts).
  • Monday Youth League @ Bykota Center in Towson (Middle School and older, experienced players only)
  • After-school Fall Ridgely Volleyball Season:  See RMS tab for details.


  • Bykota Center Towson, Monday nights Elementary-Middle School. 

Questions? Email Coach Jen: ltrcvolleyball@gmail.com

Top Ten Things We Love about Volleyball:

  1. Team Sport.  Make awesome friends and learn to work together!
  2. Non-Contact . A net between you and the opponent = fewer injuries & fights!
  3. No long distance running.  (But you need to be quick!)
  4. Lifetime sport. Family reunions, beach, parks, gyms, backyard!
  5. Exciting!  Fast paced, lots of points, lots of cheering.
  6. No “ball-hogs”. Players may only touch the ball 1 time in a row, with the goal of sending the pass to a teammate for dynamic points.
  7. Easy to practice independently. Just need a ball…a wall….and/or a friend!
  8. Builds communication and friendships. Talking to your team is a must in the sport.
  9. Valuable life-lessons – Perseverance, Selflessness, Staying positive, Overcoming failures, Sportsmanship, Goal oriented.
  10. High Fives between every point!

Hope to see you out on the court soon!

Coach Jen