Hours: 10AM-3PM, Monday through Friday


Format / Team

Year-round volleyball programs. All levels and ages 8-18 welcome.  Mostly girls, but boys are welcome! 

LTRC Volleyball is a wonderful introduction to the game of volleyball.  Kids will make friends, develop confidence, get some exercise and learn the basics of the game.  Level of play ranges, but generally beginners – intermediate.  Volleyball is one of the fastest growing youth sports in the area!  Join the fun.

Registration Page (Stone Alley): Click here

Winter:   Dec- March
Spring:    April – May
Summer: Tournaments (Perhaps a Beach Camp!)

Fall:         September – November


Spring (registration opens in March, sessions begin in late March/early April)

  • Spring clinics. 1 hour classes for 8-10 weeks.  Usually between 4pm – 8:00pm at Ridgely Middle School gym or outdoor/by tennis courts.
  • All levels are welcome.  
  • After School Spring Ridgely Team:  Spring training will be held on various days after school on the grass near tennis courts.  Days TBD.
  • 2022 Monday nights @ Bykota Center in Towson


  • Single day Grass Tournaments – typically one per month.
  • All levels encouraged to participate.  Some instruction given as needed.
  • Field at Ridgely Middle.

Fall (registration opens in August, session begins September):

  • Fall Clinic. 1 hour classes for 8-10 weeks. Usually between 4pm – 8:00pm at Ridgely Middle School gym or outdoor/by tennis courts.
  • After-school Fall Ridgely Volleyball Season:  See RMS tab for details.
  • Fall LTRC Teen Volleyball League. Evenings/Indoor (** TBD – Depends on gym availability and health considerations)


  • 2022: Bykota Center Towson, Monday nights Elementary-Middle School. PROGRAM IS FULL, sorry!
  • Note, Winter sessions are TBD based on indoor availability and health restrictions.

Questions? Email Coach Jen: ltrcvolleyball@gmail.com

Top Ten Things We Love about Volleyball:

  1. Team Sport – Make awesome friends and learn to work together!
  2. Non-Contact – A NET is between you and the opponent = fewer injuries & fights!
  3. No long distance running – Enough said.
  4. Lifetime sport – Family reunions, beach, parks, gyms, backyard!
  5. Exciting! – Fast paced, lots of points, lots of whistling.
  6. A no “ball-hogs” sport – Equal opportunity! Players may only touch the ball 1 time in a row, and strive to have 3 different touches at every opportunity.
  7. Easy to practice independently – Just need a ball…a wall….and/or a friend!
  8. Builds communication – “I GOT IT!” “MINE!” “HELP!” – Talking to your team is a MUST in the sport.
  9. Valuable life-lessons – Perseverance, Selflessness, Staying positive, Overcoming failures, Sportsmanship, Goal oriented.
  10. Slapping hands – Arguably the highest frequency of high-fives & hand-slapping in any sport amongst team-mates! What’s not to love about that!?


Hi!  I am a mom, a wife, a neighbor, a tennis player, an oboe player, a piano teacher, an accountant, a volleyball player and coach…and as of 2022, a preschool teacher!  I grew up in West Philly, went to Davidson College in North Carolina, where I played D1 volleyball (setter), but was recruited for playing the oboe.  I believe sports should teach kids life-long skills of cooperation, staying positive, team-spirit and healthy exercise.  I believe every child should be given the opportunity to enjoy playing a team sport.  Thank you to the kids, parents and volunteers who have helped this program grow since 2013.  I am honored to be the coach and founder and look forward to many more years of BUMPING IT UP!